Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas in Argentina

Christmas 2010

O'malleys all, that's me in the front right and my brother Harold beside me.

After a gruelling 12 hour flight I landed in Buenos Aires and experienced an emotional reunion with my brother whom I hadn't seen for 11 years. The warmth of  the Argentinian summer soon thawed out my bones frozen by the hard winter back in Ireland.

 It all seemed so unreal celebrating Christmas with blazing hot sunshine. Too hot to go exploring but my brother took me to see the following ceramic artist and I was suitably awed by her story and her studio.

Angeles started ceramics when she was six and is now fifty. She never went to college and believes in the saying 'learn by doing'.She works mainly with stoneware and enjoys experimenting with glazes.Her work is shipped all over the world and indeed she is sometimes so busy she has to delegate much of work to her apprentices and even send  her pieces to other ceramitists to be fired. Her studio was very busy when I went there but she still welcomed me as if I was an old friend and was very interested to hear of my own ceramic journey.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of her work.

pots for gardens

                         Angeles in her studio / shop

Angeles in her back garden.
   Check what she does with her
damaged pots behind her.
              With the help of an old gate as a trellis, 
                        her brokenpots become attractive flowerpots
      espeicially with her bright glazes


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  1. What a beautiful family you have.
    Looks like you are all inspired and ready for Semester 4, some really nice ideas.