Monday, May 16, 2011

ceramic journal continued

To complete the first project 'Object' I decided to fire and glaze the remains of my hexagon columns.  I  covered the bisque piece with black body stain and then with a wet sponge rubbed most of it off trying to make sure the folds of the wrapped clay were emphasized. I applied a transparent glaze over this and fired to 1260 degrees in electric kiln. Why did I do this? Indeed this piece looked as it was broken, unfinished! I looked upon it as a test piece so that if I had the chance again I would have an idea of surface design.

I also tried another hexagon shape. this time a more solid form. This I also wrapped but I used different clays. White stone ware, earthenware and a yellow coloured clay (stoneware and yellow body stain mixed) fired at 1060,  then stained with black body stain and covered with transparent glaze and fired to 1260.

Conclusion: I found interesting qualities in my results firstly the pieces looked structural. I found the addition of the coloured clay an interesting effect but what was most reamarkable was the reaction I got from my class mates. Because of the use of the transparent glaze which had high gloss, the pieces became very tactile. It seemed that the biggest desire of most people who saw them was to touch them even stroke them. This I must remember for future projects.


Work shops in relation to the project.
Decorating with  sprigs and under glaze.

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